Sunday, June 3, 2007

Blog profiles and how to add your personal webpage link

Profiles: Blogger has a great way of finding each members blog (by clicking on a members name in a post or comment it should take you to their profile where you can see a link to their blogger blog if they've created one. However, if you have an outside webpage dedicated to either your beadwork, quilting, etc there is no way to find an outside webpage unless you add your webpage to your profile.

Soooooo, to add your personal webpage to a blogger profile do this:

Log onto blogger and go to your dashboard. click on Create (to create a post). Look up on the tan header that shows a b, i, a link thing, quote marks, abc spell check and then a photo.

in a second you'll be using the 3rd button that looks like a 2 link chain.

type words in the text box that show the name you want to call your webpage such as My beading journal webpage or Joe Blows beading journal webpage or whatever.

now highlight them by dragging your cursor over the words you just typed.

click the 3rd icon, the 2 link chain thing.

you'll get a popup box that asks for the address of the website. type your webapage address there. click ok.

in the post text box you will now see all the code you need to add to your profile.

copy all the text you just created; by selecting either copy or control A.

now go to your dashboard (it's up in the far upper right corner). click that and look for the section on the right that says Edit Profile.

click that.

scroll down to About Me and paste in the copied code to the About Me box and then scroll down and click Update Profile.

Now your profile will show your outside webpage. yay.

if you have any questions or need help please feel free to contact me. I'll be happy to walk you thru it. :-)


vivage said...

btw, once you click away from the posting box (before you go to profiles) the post you created to create the code will not post as a blog entry.

you are just using the blog posting page to create the link for use on your profile.

Robin said...

Thanks for posting this Viv!

vivage said...

:-) you're welcome Robin!

Timaree said...

I want to thank you. I don't have a web page (yet) and am new to blogging. All the hints members share help those of us wondering how to do these things. Where do you learn this stuff?

vivage said...

:-) lots of time figuring out my own blog. and nice support people when i can't figure it out myself.