Sunday, June 3, 2007


When a member has posted a comment at your blog, what is the procedure for a reply? Does one put it in the comment box that appears below the post, or do you go to the posters blog and leave a reply there?


Robin said...

One possibility: sign in, scroll down to your post, click on comments, write your reply, and hope that person will check back and read it.

Another possibility: try to find that person's email by clicking on their name in the comments section or by finding them in the membership list on the side bar.

A third possibility: write a new post asking them to contact you directly and give your email link.

And one more possibility: if you're wanting a continuing conversation with someone, you could take it to a forum. I don't know much about forums, but one has been set up for BJP members already, and I think there will be another one set up soon.

Robin said...

Yes, and one more... you could go to their blog and leave a comment there, as you mention.

As far as I know, there isn't one "right way." But I see that blogs are not really designed for on-going conversations. People tell me that forums are.

Dee D said...

Robin -

Thanks for the information re sending replies.