Friday, June 1, 2007

Here we go..

My goal for this journey we are on is to be able to create small 3D Art Quilts that are not totally beaded - along the style of what Robin's brother Thom makes..

So today I got my page all ready to bead on. I already that know this first page is not quite what I wanted to achieve. However, as this journey is about growing as an artist, I will work towards that goal.

My theme is Mermaids.. I already know that I am not alone in chosing this & I look forward to seeing how others interpret it. I have made a couple of mermaid dolls, you can one see here & there are several sitting around here waiting to be finished - maybe I'll finish them all this year ha ha haaa

Tomorrow I will begin the actual beading, which after all is the fun part of the whole project, right?

Oh yes & I have to say that I agree with Mary T, good posture is as important as actually doing the bead work itself. Thank you Mary for reminding those of us who have worked with beads often & those who are new to this as well :-)

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