Friday, June 1, 2007

Happy to be part of the gang


This is my first attempt at a beading journal and i'm looking forward to it. I've been thinking and brainstorming with myself trying to figure out what my journal is going to be and while it's June 1st I still havent finalized my decision yet, but expect to before the weekend is up.

This is going to be so much fun I'm really looking forward it seeing what everyone comes up with.


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Lora said...

Janet, you're so right! This is going to be lots of fun. I hope to stretch my creative "muscles" and use the journal to track a new experience for me. I am unemployed for the first time in 21+ years and looking forward to having time to bead, bead, bead! and share with everyone who is participating in the BJP. I see a lot of my friends' names on the list and am looking forward to making more beady friends as we go along.

Bead blessed, everyone!