Saturday, June 2, 2007

Bead Journal Project

I am a bead maker and bead artist in Northern New York and am very happy to be a part of the 2007 Bead Journal Project. I too feel it was a bit of fate that got me here as I was out of town when I by chance used my host's computer and found the posting of this opportunity by Paula Morgan at Thank you Paula and thank you Robin. I am attracted to this project because I like its focus on process rather than product. I feel that I have been too product oriented lately and also a bit too rushed to make a product. I see this project as an opportunity to engage more in the intuitive which for me is where my creative spirit hangs out. I am not good at preplanned projects or simply product oriented work so now I have this fantastic opportunity to be unconcerned about the inner critic or outer judge and can really enjoy a year long journey with my creative self and over 200 other beaders who feel this way too. Wow! I hope to get started this weekend. I will be writing about this on my blog too at

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