Sunday, June 3, 2007

Figured out my journal pages


Wow almost 250 participants from across the globe, that is fantastic. I realized in my first blog I did not introduce myself.

Hi, I'm Janet Wilson, I'll be posting under JanetMarie. I'm 50+ years old and current living in Chandler Arizona, while I grew up in Arizona I spent the last 15 year in New York, initially living in Manhattan doin' the apartment living thing and finally purchasing a house in Queens. I love NY, however family obligations required I move back to AZ and I love it here as well.

As for my beading I've been doing beaded and wire jewelry for the past two years and thought the journal was a way to expand my experience.

I've also figured out what my pages are going to be, they will have a slight oriental theme to them and be post card size. I am so excited and I've already page one.

Looking forward to working on this project with everyone and seeing the results.

Success is a Journey, Not a destination.


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Timaree said...

Hi JanetMarie,
I am living north of you in Kingman. My alternate isn't NY though, it's CA.

Yes, I really, really need to be reminded often that it's the journey. I am used to making what I need first, what I want - well.. too often I feel like I am wasting time and money making something not needed. That's why this project is so good.

Have fun.