Sunday, June 3, 2007

Bead Journal Project Yahoo Group

I've started, with Robin's blessing, a Yahoo goup for the Bead Journal Project.

There are no membership levels and no charges to belong to Yahoo groups. I belong to a number of Yahoo groups and find they are a great way to share comments, photos, and other information. You can read and post online or via email.

This is a private group ... only members of the Bead Journal Project can participate. You need to be invited (I'll start on invitations as soon as I can) or email me and ask for an invitation ...

-- Joanna in Tucson


Tally said...

I like it that people here are so active. Because of the social part and the exchange I wanted to be part of this project.

But I suggest that we don't split into too many pages where we write. It can get a bit too confusing reading this blog, reading the favorite member-blogs, reading the below mentioned forum, reading a yahoo-group.
Blogging, commenting, posting here and there. At some point I can't keep track.

This is meant as a hint for finding an easy way to communicate and not to be negative about the effort taken by you and the member who put up the forum.


Joanna said...

Thank you for your sharring, Tally. The blog is "home base" for all of us. However, some people want to share more and to do so in a familiar way. Thus the Yahoo group.

I suspect that as time goes on the members will seek out the socialization that is right for them. The Yahoo group is one option. No one has to join it. Everyone is welcome to do so if she or he chooses.

-- Joanna