Friday, November 30, 2007

I Just Start

I was reading the last posted and I wanted to express my gameplan. People haven't heard much from me but I'm still here.
I start my page each month. That's the goal. To start it. To have an idea that I can engage in.
If for whatever reason I don't finish it within the month, I don't wait to start the next months because I'll loose the feeling of the month. To that end, September's has been started but not finished, October's is finished and August just needs a few more beads. November is a very busy month for me and I am going to start it today - I have got the square, the idea and the beads, I just have to start, which I have time to do this afternoon and this evening after work.
I also don't feel compelled to fully bead a whole square, it can be anything, an image, or a design. October's is the top of a tree with leafs that are in full colour. There is lots of space to see the material and it just adds to the look.
I would like to suggest that we don't worry about the final product, and focus on the original intent. It will probably help you feel better.
I hope some of this helps, if all else fails, bead - 'Guilty' on the square, and then move on!!!
Cheers, Denise


KV said...

Way to go, Denise!

Timaree said...

Good plan! I haven't started November and here we are in December so maybe I'll trade my doing one month at a time for your way and start both months this month. Thanks for the nudge.