Wednesday, November 14, 2007

October pictures finally posted!

Hope I get this posted before our power goes out again... bit windy here in the chilly Northwest...

improvisational bead embroidery, robin atkins, bead journal project for october
Above is a little teaser from my October BJP, which is all about respect for my body... a radical change in attitude goes along with this piece, and it all started with Angela Plager's July BJP. There are links to her pages, the story behind my piece and pictures on my blog.

Everybody's work is so awesome! Checking this and member blogs and our Flickr page is such a pleasure.... Robin A.


Anonymous said...

What a beautifully rich coloured and full of life pieced which seems to echo what I know of you from your work and blog.

When I looked at it, the way I saw it was as a very rich fertile land where love and life has sprung. The feather (maybe a symbol of your masculine side) should be light and feathery but is actually the strongest image in the whole piece. Beside it stands the smaller but equally as strong female figure (the piece looks like oak which has great strength) Its interesting that you mentioned "I have naturally heavy legs" because the pendant doesn't actually have legs.

Anonymous said...

I love what you have done with this piece! It talks volumes to me with all the objects you've used.

Thanks so much for sharing this with us, and for taking time to dig deep. Something I need to do as well.

Beadily yours
Susan Feldkamp - AZ

Anonymous said...

for some reason I have great difficulty successfully leaving comments on your blog. LOVE the organic nature of this piece and it's special meaning(s) to you. The color scheme is a wonderful compliment to the message.

Robin said...

Thanks all for your support and comments!

Jacqui ~ Interesting insights into the feather. I liked it particularly because it was so sturdy... a hefty quill for such a short feather. Masculine? I saw it as representing freedom, but I'm contemplating your suggestions.

Susan ~ We all seem to be encouraging each other to reach under the surface with our work. I feel well-fed by the all of the work being done as part of this project, plus it feels safe somehow to just be who I am here.

Acey ~ Sorry you've had trouble leaving comments on my blog. Can't think of any reason why that would be, unless two were trying to post comments at the same time. Thanks for not giving up... for leaving your coment here. I like the organic feel in this piece too.

Karen L. Cohen said...

Just gorgeous! I am so inspired by your work. I have some goddess pieces, too, that I bought becuase I loved, so now I'm trying to figure out how to use one particular one. Maybe for January-when all my high school friends will start turning 60 - it will represent the goddess in all of us.