Thursday, November 8, 2007

Another Month Completed

I was so happy last night, I completed my September page. You can see it on my blog, click here. As I was finishing it up last night, I was thinking about the last couple weeks and how much I wanted to move on to my October and November pages, as I have their materials all picked out. Yet I made myself stick with finishing this one before moving on.

Are many of you doing the same thing? Making sure that you complete the current month before moving on? For me, I decided that part of the challenge of this project would be requiring myself to finish each month in order, as I often start, and never complete projects.

Happy Beading Everyone,
Trilly/Lisa D.


vivage said...

Trilly/Lisa, yes, part of my personal challenge is to complete a journal page in the month it's due because I often set aside projects. Mostly because of other things needing my attention: kids, work, elderly MIL, etc.

As I look at those things I realize I don't take enough *me* time to do what I need to do, so it's a challenge to allow myself to let go of the other things and allow myself some time.

Some months/days are easier than others.

GraceBeading said...

Hi Lisa,

I do the same thing. I tend to keep a fairly tidy workspace - it helps keep my mind free of clutter. So I actively work on one project at a time and will finish it until I move on to the next one. That said - I occasionally start a project that I don't complete. In those cases, I pack up my beads and 'stuff' and put it in a separate container (cigar box usually) and move it aside until I can come back to it and finish it.

I'm getting one of those projects done now before I start on November's page. I had it set aside for more than a year and it feels so good to be working on it again with the feeling that I will finish it this time.

Padparadscha said...

Yes, I'm just the same :o)