Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Tiny Vintage Seed Beads

Ok, I know they aren't for everyone, but if you LOVE itty-bitty vintage seed beads (the ones from the early 1900's or before, such as I showed here on my blog), you'll want to check out these auctions on eBay. At least look and drool!

I would have been smarter to keep these auctions to myself, so there wouldn't be any competition.... guess I have to sign out as: Robin A, the dunce.


Unknown said...

OH MY GOSH ROBIN! Thank you so much! I have tears on my face and this warm, tingling sensation running through my body...(Maybe it's a hot flash!) comes from a stranger you've never met who feels like your new best friend.
You know, I never met my Great Aunt Edna. My mother loved her (her maternal aunt). She spent summers with her in North Carolina in the forties. Mom said she was so free spirited and artistic. I can't help but think that she would've loved your website.
I will admit to the terrifying emotions ( with a touch of guilt)that swept through me when I put her beads (some of her beads!) out there on ebay, but you have made me feel like I can rejoice in the community spirit of sharing.
You, my new friend, are a kind, caring, warm and compassionate woman. (Don't you all agree!?)
Kathryn McKenna
Suspended Gems

KV said...

Well, Kathryn -- here's from another Kathryn who bid on some of those precious beads this afternoon. Yes, our Robin is a very special lady indeed!

Kathy V in NM