Wednesday, November 14, 2007

November page is finished

Hello fellow beaders :-)

You can view my November page (and a lot of other artwork) on my blog HERE

Happy beading to all



Padparadscha said...

Great piece and great blog !

However it's a pity we can't leave comments on your blog.

I went to Wesserling this summer to see "Jardins Réduits", I really enjoyed it, your piece in particular was wonderful.

a2susan said...

Thank you for sharing your work and your website. Although I don't understand French, your art doesn't need a language - it is beautiful!

Caroll L. said...

Thank you for your nice posts :-))

I you want, you can now write comments on my blog. (I didn't notice than I must activate this function ...)

Happy beading

artandtea said...

Hi Carroll,
I didn't see a place to leave comments on your blog so I'll leave one here. I love all of your pieces, they're so lush and textural. Beautiful!

Timaree said...

Rich, luxurious. That's what your pages are.

Todd and Marília Aitken said...

Wow very nice.

Todd Aitken
Bead Warehouse