Tuesday, November 13, 2007

September - revisited

Good Morn......ner...afternoon!! It's a sunny day in the Motor City - the first in quite a while. The weekend was cold and grey, and I did get a ton of beading finished. The first thing that I finished was my September page. Remember, when I posted that the "dog ate my homework"? Well, I did some stuff and it makes me remember the first weekend with the new dog. And to not put beaded bones where any of my terrierists can find them!! "September refinished" is complete and I like it. It's not stunning, professional or wonderful. But it makes me smile.

I also worked on my next square - which still needs a little work, so I haven't posted it.

I did another starfish - a friend wants me to write directions, which is a huge challenge for me. I'm now working on a little starfish, with only 2 inch arms, rather than the 4 inch arms. Are they arms or legs on a starfish, since the starfish uses them to move.....

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