Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Small World

Greetings from Denise D - I was just at our local library (Old Orchard Beach, ME) and the librarian was busy chatting with a patron. Lo and behold the patron is an "art quilter" and had participated in the Journal Quilt Project which Robin Atkins mentioned seeing. Apparently from Robin's comments, it was this exhibit that gave her the idea of starting our BJP. Kathy Angel Lee, the quilter I met, had two of her quilts selected for inclusion in their publication. As it turns out, Kathy lives about a block away!


Robin said...

That's so cool... small world coincidence of the best kind! You'll have to ask her to tell you all about the QJP, the rules, what she personally got out of it, etc.... and please pass along what she says in a new post! Thanks!

Denise said...

Isn't it neat when you run into someone like that? It would be neat to see what she made in person!
Cheers, denise

Dee D said...

Denise -

The quilter, Kathy Lee, did invite me to her studio and I intend to take her up on the invitation. Also, in a nearby town there is currently an art quilt exhibit featuring her work. I hope to see that exhibit tomorrow.

Denise D