Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Blogging question... edit vs. new post

Question for the blogger savvy...

I have added a progress photo of my first BJP page to my own blog. When I'm ready to update with additional notes and another progress photo - would you edit the original post and add the new stuff or would you create a new post? What do you do? I don't know or even pretend to understand the differences.

Same would hold true on this blog for updates to original posts... edit original post or create a new one? If this isn't the proper place to pose this question, I'd be grateful to anyone that could point me in the right direction.



beadbabe49 said...

grace, I'd add a new post...and the same on this blog.
In a few days we'll be well beyond this post of yours (here on the bjp blog) and if you add to it, no one will know.
If you want folks to know which ones you could add your name as a "label" on all your posts and that would be one way to sort of tie them all together.

GraceBeading said...

Okay... that tells me a lot. I didn't know if edited posts moved up to the top - that answers that question. Labels make more sense then too. Thanks so much for responding.

Timaree said...

That sounds like a great idea except there are 240 of us. Robin has asked us not to use our names as labels for this reason, I think. Check under the topic: A2. posting how to. Perhaps the topic: progress reports label would help to cut down on the posts you would have to sort through to find yours for updating. I like to read all the posts so I would find your update anyhow for reading. If you come up with something better post it so we can all do it better. Hope you are having fun with all this and won't find it discouraging to blog. I sure have learned a lot more than I ever expected to because of the BJP

Robin said...

I agree with BeadBabe... the best way is to write a new post, as most people don't check back very far. They read all the posts once, maybe, but then only the newest ones. That would be true for both your blog and this one. Thanks for asking about this!

Thanks also to Freebird for remembering and clarifying my point about not using names for labels, exactly for the reason she mentioned. You can always search a person's name at the top left of the blog window to get all the posts written by and/or about a certain member. I do like the idea of adding "updated post" as a label to use if you ever do update something.

vivage said...

Or to find a particular persons posts only you can use the search function and search on that persons names. You'll get all posts with the name mentioned in it.