Friday, June 8, 2007

Just a quick post to say I've started.... I've used painted / glued / gel medium on a piece of organic cotton (that I bought in the supermarket.. it's sold as dishcloths!) the fabric has been cut... 6" x 6" I'm planning on an 8" book... as that's the size of the journal I'm using to document this project... I'm stitching/beading an ATC at the moment... just to try out a few things... if you would like to see the fabric I've posted a picture on my blog...

best wishes



Timaree said...

I didn't have time to look at your blog too much the first time so had to go back. You have a lot of interesting stuff there. Will visit again.

Anonymous said...

thanks for your kind comment... I'm new to blogging but people are leaving lovely comments and asking me for more info. about my projects... this interest is really encouraging me to produce more of my 'art' work..
best wishes