Friday, June 8, 2007

Bead and Button Show

The past few days have been a daze for me. Bead and Button is in town. It is a whirlwind of learning, meeting like-minded people and beads everywhere! I met people from Mexico, Canada, Japan and Australia so far. (You should see the strings of opal beads at the Australian booth.... drrooooooooooooool.)

What amazes me is that there is this vortex of creation and creativity and learning in the middle of a town that barely knows we're there. Just life as normal.

I got to meet Beki from Out on a Whim Beads. She was so busy at her booth today, but she took time to talk to me while she rang people up. She was so kind to me. This is a picture of Out on a Whim's booth.

I won't post much here. If you want to read/see more, visit my blog.



Robin said...

Thanks, Any for your fun picture! It boosted my spirits today! Luscious, luscious seed beads. Oh yummmmm! I ALWAYS buy from Out on a Whim when I'm at shows. Good people, good prices, good beads... win, win, win! I buy from them on line too, as they have the best, most acurate and detailed pictures of each color. In case you need the link, it's here.

ACey said...

what a drool worthy image!

Aurora said...

love the photo and oh! I have Bead & Button Show envy---always wanted to go--but its so spendy to both get there from Calif and then stay and then pay for the classes...thanks for sharing..

Lois2037 said...

Ahh...! I sure envy you! Out on a Whim usually gets the majority of my budget when I see them at a show. Their selection and prices are awesome!

Any Smith said...

WhimBeads certainly had a great selection. I didn't even look at the local vendors because I wanted to give them my business. I bought a lot of beads there! Ufff!

Tally said...

Pleeeeease stop! ;-)
It's Sunday morning and I finally wanted to put something on this blog. Instead I read your report and follow your links. My mouth stands wide open, I can't believe what beauty I see!
I want to take this wired basket class NOW.
This lady is awful. I love the color firework.
The colors of your picture hooked me anyway to continue reading.
I would get lost completely on a show like that. My brain would jump out of the bones. :-)
Have fun digesting all you experiented there!