Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Here goes, it is a lot easier to do links now that I downloaded Firefox. I have a Mac and Safari only showed the spell check and photo not the link, bold, italics etc. The photo is my piece that is currently at Bead Dreams. It is called "Dragons Fly Into my Heart"

I have started a section of my website just for the Bead Journal Project (Angie BJP) . I am including a section for photos each month and a journal/blog for each month. It is definitely a work in progress and I am learning as I go, luckily Macs are very user friendly. My main website is (Artistic Kreations and Passions ) and if you want a direct to my main blog it is (Angie's Blog). I won't be putting all of my BJP into my main blog although I will include some references to it.

Hope you enjoy and good luck with all of your projects, Angie


Any Smith said...

Hi Angela! I have a Mac, too and had to use Firefox to see what everyone was talking about.

I love dragonflies! Nice work.

Judi D said...

Your site is gorgeous as well as your art work and photos. I will be checking often.

arlee said...

holey moley that is a fine fine piece of work!!! I am in awe!

Angela said...

Thanks everyone, I seem to have a thing for Dragonflies and butterflys, maybe because they go so great with flowers.

I keep playing with my website and tweaking it but I couldn't do it without my i-Mac. I was totally sold on getting it once I figured out what I could do with it. I am learning new things all of the time about how to do something new on it.

flyingbeader said...

Hi Mac user...me too! We have three Macs right now. I mainly work with my eMac, but DH has the big boys on his side of the room. Had to say...love the purse! That is totally awesome. Man would I love to see it in person, but can't get to the B&B show. Loved your other pieces too & the dragonflies of crystals are great.