Friday, June 1, 2007

Hello from Megan Noel

hello, I am checking in and saying hello! And I agree with Mary about taking stretching breaks from beading. One piece of advice I used to give my students was to drink a lot of water -- it's good for you and it forces you to get up regularly for breaks! :)

Also, in this lovely weather, it's nice to take your beading outside. I pack all my beads into a tupperwear sandwich container with a small pair of scissors and make a portable kit.

I am going to try to get started on my June beading this weekend.

Happy Beading,
Megan Noel


Nancilyn (Fiberdabbler) said...

Hi Megan (waving) !
Waaaay back when I faithfully followed Button Bytes you tried to convince me beading was fun and easy. One of my collectible treasures is a studio button you beaded for me with an anchor. Needless to say, I started beading
along with a few other things so my attention is far from buttons right now. I always admired your beadwork and am delighted to run across you again on my "path to discovery".

Cyn ~ The Wingedneedle said...

Hi Megan! Happy to see you here!
Bead Wishes & Dragonfly Dreams,Cyn :O)