Sunday, July 8, 2007

Adhesive for Timtex?

Since I'm attaching found objects to my journal pages, I'm using Timtex for a stiff backing. I'm wondering what all of you think about using a spray adhesive (like 505 Temporary Fabric Adhesive) to attach the fabric to the backing? I sort of like the idea of NOT having to sew the fabric to the backing....:>} and I also don't want to add an additional bonding layer (like an iron-on). Any advice greatly appreciated!

Christi in WA state


Robin said...

I so don't trust glues, and so don't like how most of them smell. Sewing a backing to a piece can take time, but to my eyes always seems to be worth it. Is your piece designed to hang on a wall? Could you sandwich the Timtex between the journal page and another fabric or ultrasuede and stitch around the edges?

Having said this, I may decide to use glue for my journal pages (shock, to those who know me). I'll be attaching each of them to a stiff water-color paper postcard. If I do use glue, it will be PVC, which is a bookbinder's glue. It's acid-free, archival and permanent.

beadbabe49 said...

There is also a peltex/timtex that is fusible on both sides and one that fusible on one side, as well as the regular one without any fusing at all.

Angela said...

Temporary Fabric Adhesive might work but beware of beading through regular spray adhesives or doublestick tapes because they will gum up your needle and can be a pain to sew through. Angie