Sunday, July 22, 2007

How to create a list of other blogs

I have discovered so many wonderful blogs that I want to keep up with. What I want to know is: how do you create a list of the other blogs you visit a lot? I notice that people have these on the side of their blog. Thanks, Susan


Brenda said...

Hi Susan
I created my list by going to my blog at the top on the right hand side is a link to Customize. Click on that.
It will take you to a page where you can add an element. There is a link that says "Add a page element", click on that. It will open a box where you can add different things. You will want to add a link list. Click on the "add to blog" button. There you can title your list and start adding URL's and Site names. Make sure to click on the Save Changes button or everything you have added will be lost (personal experience).

a2susan said...

Thank you, Brenda. I will try your suggestion. I, too, know about that scary click save changes button, more than I care to admit!