Monday, July 30, 2007

Vintage Steel Cuts

I just bought an old beaded purse made with the old French steel cuts. It's not repairable, so I'll be salvaging the beads but I'm wondering if there is anything that will take the tarnish of years off of them?
If anyone has any information, I'd appreciate it!


Robin said...

Ooooh, lovely vintage beads!!!!

I'm not sure they are tarnished... I'm thinking that's just the natural look of steel cuts. But, here's something you might try... put a couple inches of them on a thread and tie a knot in the middle and at each end of the string. Use toothpaste and a soft toothbrush to polish the beads on one half of the string. Rinse and compare them to the other half. If the polished side looks brighter, then I was wrong about not tarnishing. Let us know, OK?


Kiwi Ellen said...

Oh how yummy Bobbi, I would brush them with a moist toothbrush & baking soda to clean them

beadbabe49 said...

thanks, robin and ellen....what I ended up doing was using a sunshine polishing cloth on them...they brightened up a bit so the design was a bit easier to see, but there wasn't a huge change, so I think you're right, they weren't all that tarnished to begin with.
I'm sure having a hard time taking scissors to it though! So much work, but I know it can't be repaired, so this will be a way for the beads to "live" again...guess I'll just take a deep breath and start!

Sacredartist said...

I love the Bakelite handle and closure. I think that you did really good finding this gem. The design looks very deco, and I love deco. Are you going to make another design with the beads but use the beads for this purse?

freebird said...

Cut the beads loose while you watch TV. But you probably know that already. Even more fun is to visit with someone and snip while you chat.

The bad Liz said...

I took apart my vintage purse yesterday at my bead guild board meeting. The thread holding it together was just shredding, and more and 1/2 the bag was gone. Several board members understood and I think a couple were secretly horrified!!

I'm using the beads in my August journal page.