Friday, July 20, 2007

Progress slow but steady

I have an update to my July Journal for those who want to check out my progress. It has been a bit slower than I anticipated but with other creative projects and the fact that I am going to be moving my website (so that it has my name and not my husband's) I have been keeping pretty busy. I am also moving my main blog to Blogger although I haven't decided on whether to move my BJP over as well.

Congrats to everyone who has shared their pages and done such wonderful work so far. I can't wait to see the work of the others. I have a feeling that September will be a month of brain overload as we get to ogle all of the wonderful eye candy, can't wait.

Is anyone planning on going to Bead Fest in Philly? Let me know if you are, would love to get together for a show and tell if anyone is interested.

Happy beading, Angie


a2susan said...

Angie - your work is amazing, and as far as I can tell from reading your blogs and website, so are you! I am fascinated by your combining photos and beading on them.

freebird said...

Oh Angie, please move your BJP blog! I enjoy seeing your work but it takes too long to upload your current blog. I just went to your new main blog site and it came up right away. Surely I am not the only one with slow dial-up. Just hoping!!

CC said...

Wow! I just went to your July photos page & realize how you are really doing this! Incredible! I really like it even more now!
With aloha,

Robin said...

I know I've posted to your blog previously, but today I just could NOT figure out how to do it. Will you please remind me?

The key will show up! And your work thrills me... both your inner work and your artistic work.

Blessings and thanks for sharing! Robin

Angela said...

Thanks everyone, you will never know how much it means to have all of the positive reinforcement. I don't have anyone here who really get's it. That need to create drives so much of what I do.

Freebird I have really been thinking about moving it since it takes along time to load my website at the moment and it is more difficult for some people to comment on and it is slow to load. I will let everyone know once I get it all figured out.

I am rally glad that I chose to use my photography for this project and am glad that people are finding it as interesting as I do. I have a feeling that my photography is going to show up in other projects besides this one.

Robin, click on Leave comment and then you need to leave a name to comment as and if you want a link in the url spot. I have had several people have trouble and that is part of why I am considering moving it over to Blogger. I may have an idea of what the key is but I am not sure that a key will actaully end up of my page. It may end up in the journal instead, I haven't desided yet. Actually looking at the lock has helped me figure it out. The lock says "Made with Love"


Judi D said...

Stunning work of art.