Sunday, July 15, 2007

June laggard

Laggard that I am, I'm finally ready to move from June's page to July's page .....
However, if I rationalize it, I didn't start June's page until the middle of the month ... so I'm developing an internal time clock for my pages that seem to run from the middle of a month to the middle of the next month. Works well as it lets me get a flavor of a month in the first two weeks.

My June page is as finished as it will get for the moment. If you care to know the details, and see what I've done, check my blog.


Karen said...

Hi Judith,

That's my internal time clock too! I am starting July's page today and will most definately run into the following month, as did last months. I wanted to start it on a specific meaningful date that plays into the overall theme of my bead journal. So it all works out!

happy beading,

vivage said...

LOL, last month I did a really small piece because I ran out of June days. I like the internal clock idea better.
Or since I might add to my June page (as the inspiration hits me) I might have to say I am living in more than one time zone.

KV said...

Not to worry, Judith -- I am working on both my June and July pages simultaneously. My June simply ran out of days before I could get started!

Kathy V in NM

abeadlady said...

Someone put my clock on fast forward. LOL. Can't stop, now that I got started.

I really like the deep colors in this piece. It speaks to me of tradition. What a clever way to use those pins. I think it's beautiful.

Kathy Wagner said...

Absolutely beautiful!
Can't wait to see how your July is similar or different!
I am on the same clock as you!