Sunday, July 8, 2007

Progress Update.

Here is a link to my blog update. I really had fun with the June page and July is progressing nicely. You'll all be surprized with June as I didn't do what I first started out doing! I've got to finish working on my project for Beading For a Cure. Here is a work in progress picture:

This project is a kit that as a member of All About Beads, I purchased. Then I create something with the kit and mail it to the great volunteers who take awesome pictures and then auction them off. The money goes to Layne's Legacy - to fight colorectal cancer.
This is the first year I joined and I'm nervous! I'll be focusing on this for the next little while!
Cheers, Denise


Robin said...

Your Layne's Legacy piece looks wonderful... I love the framing for the face!

The link to your blog doesn't work for me... Are you Denise C, D, or S?

Denise said...

Thanks Robin, I like the face, and I want lots of texture on the body, the skirt is on a form - it's been a fun project.
I'm Denise S and I fixed the link - thanks for pointing that out. I couldn't put a title on either!
Cheers, Denise S.

abeadlady said...

Love it! I foresee many bids on her.

CC said...

Denise, I love your work! Thanks for the link to Layne's Legacy. My sister has colon cancer, so I'd like to do this next year. I'm also seeing if there's one for lung cancer...or I'll start one in memory of my dad. I hate cancer! But I love your work! I know it will help bring in money for research in getting rid of this nasty disease!
With aloha, CC

Denise said...

Thanks CC. I felt so intimated when this first started as I didn't have nearly the bead experience to create something for sale. I'm still nervous but I'm willing to give it a go!
I started at all about beads around the time that the memories had to say good-bye to Layne. She was a great friend on the boards and it's a priviledge to honour her and her friends.

Cheers, Denise