Thursday, July 12, 2007

Life Happens

I'm still not finished with June's page as a case of hives has put beading very much on the back burner. However, I've plans for July's page in the works. I want to try coloring within the lines - something completely different for me. I plan on printing out an exact design and bead on top of it. I know it'll be uncomfortable, but hope it will be a success. If you want to know where I am with both June & July's pages, check my blog.


Teresa said...

I love your thought...Life Happens. I have trouble filling in straight lines or EVEN beading a straight line. I'm working on that but I can't leave my free form spirit for too long.

freebird said...

My daughter can color beautifully within the lines; she gets her wild fill by having 4 kids and all their friends hollering and running through her house (she frequently joins in)! I love quiet and can't seem to stay within the lines. If I am on one piece you can bet I will stray wildly on another! Good luck! And holler and run if you need to!