Monday, July 16, 2007

I'm so far behind I think I'm first!

Finally, with a lot of help from my sister Beverly, I've been able to post my June page to my blog. I'm having a lot of fun exploring the world of bead embroidery. I love using my favorite special treasure beads. I knew there was a reason I held on to them. But seriously, I have most of July done. Lots of ideas for the rest of the journal too. After finishing the first page, I was glad I chose a 3 x 5 size and not something bigger.


Morwyn said...

The colors and detail in your June page are just delicious. Thank you for sharing!

abeadlady said...

That is absolutely gorgeous! I love the colors, everything about it. It was worth waiting for.

Sunni said...

It is an awesome piece. I am looking forward to more of your work.

Fab Fibers said...

Thanks so much for your kind remarks. I am having a great time with this project. There is so much talent out there..don't you think? Its so inspiring.

Kathy Wagner said...

Love the movement and texture in your June piece! Thanks to your sister for her help so we could see your beautiful work!