Monday, July 30, 2007

Behind Schedule? Changing Course?

With August almost here, I thought it might be appropriate to comment about the commitment we made to one piece per month....

More than a few of us are a bit behind, some still working on June's page. Not a problem, as I see it... My hope is that our original energy and commitment about participation will keep us motivated. I believe in baby steps... I believe that setting aside a small chunk of time to do a little stitching is the key. I believe it will be worth the effort to look back a year from now and know we DID it! All of us will experience times when it's difficult and other times when it flows.

My hat is off to those who are already starting August's page. My hat is ALSO off to those who are struggling to keep up, as I encourage us all to keep stitching!

* * * * *

I also want to comment about changing course... One member emailed me that she's not satisfied with her work so far and is considering starting over. Here is what I suggest to her and to all of us in this boat:

May I encourage you to let your work to date be testament to your starting place, to celebrate the beginning. Change the way you're working for the months ahead, if you like, and let that be testament to your journey, to celebrate the growth. I've always thought that starting over is like being punished, and punishment can stop a person in her tracks... Cherish your first BJP pieces for what they are... first steps on a journey. What do you think?

Also you may want to read my comments about envisioning work on the tips page of my website. I talk about the inner critic (and the good and bad sides of mind planning). Maybe something in my words will be helpful.

Blessings, Robin A.


Angela said...

Has any one told you lately that you are a Goddess? What a wonderful idea. I hope that people don't get frustrated and pull out. I am so proud of everyone and I think your idea of changing course is a great one and better than starting over.

Another idea would be to start their page for August and set their other pages aside for a bit having fresh eyes can make a huge difference in how you see something. Then they can work a little bit here and there on their other pages as they have time or need a break from their current piece.


Kiwi Ellen said...

Robin, I agree about not starting over to make the pages 'perfect' in our eyes

To those who are new to bead embroidery;
We were all beginners at one time & being able to look back at our early pieces & see how far we have come is an important part of our growth. You'll be surprized how quickly that will happen this year as we move through each month with our beads & our visions

abeadlady said...

When I look back at the first doll I embroidered, I have this overwhelming desire to take all the beads off and start over. When I compare it to what I do now and how much I learn with each new piece, I realize that doll is just the first step on a long stairway. This project is much the same thing. It's a way for all of us to learn from each other and stretch our minds and our creativity. If I never do another embroidered piece after this, it would still be worth it. Thanks for the opportunity you have given all of us.

JoTee said...

I am struggling to get my July page completed, hopefully tomorrow I will. But however long it takes with each month of this journal I plan to stick with it. My change in plans is to start off smaller for now & work my way up to a larger piece. With the limited time (right now) & quantity of beads that I do have, I will run out pretty fast. Once I have a few sales with some consignment items I will be in "the bead buying mode"...yeah...can't wait, I invision lots more colors, sizes & shapes...onward & upward...I love beading it makes me HAPPY!!!

The bad Liz said...

We all start with baby steps. That's why I started with my "comfort zone"

I would keep the piece and move on

sweetpea_path said...

Robin, you asked, "Cherish your first BJP pieces for what they are... first steps on a journey. What do you think?", and I must echo a resounding agreement about cherishing first things for WHAT THEY ARE! Just thinking, but my first love affair was terribly botched (in retrospect) but still, it was undeniably my "first" and therefore precious indeed...

I'd encourage plodding going back....move forward.

Christi, in western WA state

Nospoj said...

I am in agreement, even I can see the progress I have made in my first page. July was tackled very differently and so will August. We have to remember that this entire project is a learning curve for all of us, new bead embroiderers as well as the seasoned ones.

freebird said...

So much said already but let me just add a little. We all like to grow. We all like to be expert at what we do. How can we know we are growing or being that expert if we can't look back and see the progression? So, these pages can not only be steps forward but they are the VISUALs of the steps forward. We need that as our memories love to rationalize and they play tricks on us all the time.

Hélène H said...

Thanks for your wise soothing words Robin, and thanks to all the comments writers too.

I have in the past destroyed a lot of what I'd written - because writing is the craft I master the best. Years later, I happen to think it's a shame.

I have been in turn proud and ashamed or irritated by my BJP pages so far, so when they're finished, I leave them on my beadding table for a few days. Then I hide them away in a special drawer, far away from my sight ;o)

I remember an Art Theory teacher telling us that a difficult part for the artist or creator is letting your creation live it's own life, far away from you. It's like the final trial. One French painter though was famous for sneaking in museums to keep altering his paintings.

Well anyways, I agree with Robin's view.

Kind regards

Lillian said...

Thank you Robin for sharing your wisdom :o) Lillian

Sue in western WA said...

I really hope the folks who are feeling frustrated with their projects know to check the comments at the bottom of pertinent posts. There's a lot of wisdom in this one alone! (And I agree with everything that's been said!)