Monday, July 23, 2007

Comfort Dolls

Sue in WA told me about this project, and Sammy mentioned it in her blog - I thought maybe the rest of us would like to know about it! The mission is to make a doll, 6" or smaller, and send it to Pat Winter in Chesterton (sorry, couldn't find the exact address off the top) to be donated to domestic violence shelters to give the women something to encourage them. There is a nice pattern for a butterfly doll at and she has given permission for it to be used for this. We will be starting a local drive in Skagit County for the shelter here, for the women and children, shortly. We may start one later, for the new Children's Grief Center at United General Hospital. A little doll may be the perfect thing to ease the beader's block while doing your pages! It also gives some of us a little push to mix media. Anyone who has more info, please comment!


Grace said...

I made a comfort doll and am working on a second one now. You can find more info about here:

Jo in NZ said...

Thanks for highlighting this project Joan. Much appreciated. We also have a flickr group for pics of the dolls to be displayed to give others inspiration:
flickr search "the comfort doll project" or there is a link on Pats blog.
I think you have a great suggestion for working on one to clear beaders block !

Pat Winter said...

This is wonderful to see the news spreading about the Comfort Doll project. CC from HI dropped me a note and your link. Thanks for the interest. That is great that you will be doing a local drive for your area. If you get any photos after they are delivered to their shelter, or just of your dolls gathered, I would love to mention it and names of donors in a follow up article in CQMag in the Fall or later.You may read all about this cause in the upcoming issue very soon at It may encourage others to want to make a small doll for a woman who needs a smile. I am collecting them here in IN,but it would be great if other's had drives for their areas and sent them to their shelter's. Thank you in advance to any participants.