Sunday, July 8, 2007

Free Sample of Interleaving Paper!

Would anybody like a free sample of acid-free interleaving paper? It's the paper I use to stabilize my bead embroidery. It even allows me to sew beads on very fine fabrics such as light-weight silks. I draw the shape of my piece on the paper, then baste along the drawn line attaching it to my fabric. The basted line is my guide on the fabric side for sewing the beads. This paper is very easy to sew through, yet keeps the tension even and the work unpuckered. And it's archival. In fact, that's it's normal purpose - to layer between textiles in museum storage systems.

If you'd like to try a sheet of it, please send me a self-addressed, stamped envelope, with the word interleaving printed on it. My address is: Robin Atkins, 837 Miller Road, Friday Harbor WA 98250. You can try it and see how you like it compared to stiff-stuff, hoop or other stabilizing method.

Posted by Robin A.


vivage said...

Ohhh cool and very generous. My envelope is on it's way!

Sunni said...

Oh I would love a piece.
I will send you an envelope tomorrow.
Thanks how very nice of you,

Lillian said...

I'd like to try some also. My envelope is coming. Thanks so much Robin, Lillian :o)

Kate said...

I've enjoyed seeing all the pictures of everyone's projects, but couldn't commit to this right now. Can you tell me what brand or type of paper this is for future reference?