Friday, July 20, 2007

Adding "Labels" to Your Posts

If you go to the side bar on the left, and scroll down until you see a drop-down window, you can click on the little arrow to see all of the "Lables" or "Topics" for our posts. Just now, I thinned the list a little, removing almost all of the labels that were not used more than 5 times. I hope nobody will be ticked at me about this... it's because the list was getting so long that it was difficult to find any one topic.


When you add a new topic to your post, it automatically gets placed on the drop-down list, and others can use it as well. Please, only add new topics that you think will be useful to others. Keep the topic brief and general.


Don't add "August Bead Journal Project" as a topic. It's too long. Rather just add "August." (Note ~ I changed all of the variations on June's page to simply "June," and the same for "July.")

Don't add "How to sew on charms" as a topic. It's too long and too specific. Instead, call it "techniques," which is already an option.

Please don't add specific individual names. There are too many of us to start that.


Labeling your post will help us to find it in the future. For example, if you wanted to take a look at everyone's June page, you would select "June" from the drop down topic menu. This would display all of the posts with this label but none of the other posts on our blog.


At the bottom, right-hand corner of the post window you can see "Show all" next to a blank window. Click on "Show all" to reveal the possible labels (topics) already on the list. Click on any of the existing labels you feel apply to your post. After each click, the label will appear in the window, and you have labeled your post. Add a new label to the list by typing it into the window (see above for guidelines).

Thanks very much for your attention to this "housekeeping detail".... I appreciate it! Robin A.


freebird said...

Housekeeping stinks but it has to be done occasionally. I cleaned the top of my fridge today and the air conditioner vent then figured that was enough and went to bead!

With all the posting Robin, it's good to have some control- it's like a filing system and the only way to find stuff is if there IS a system. Thanks.

No Easy Beads said...

Robin thanks for reminding us to label our posts. I know how much easier it is to find things when they are in order. Glad to see your back home with us.