Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Bead Embroidered Bracelet

I am drawn to make a bead embroidered bracelet (cuff) and I'm not sure what to bead on or how to put it together. What materials should I use? Is there a web site I can get details or can someone let me know. I'd appreciate it very much. Thanks so much. Heidi


a2susan said...

There are probably as many answers about how to make a bracelet as there are a journal page! I have made bead embroidered bracelets on leather and stiff stuff, and then put the latter on a metal cuff. I know there are people doing the BJP who are experts and sell kits/patterns, hopefully they'll direct you to a source.

Sacredartist said...

Look at my barrettes and this may give you some ideas about using leather for your bracelet. You could make it thiner and then have charms create bulk. Maybe others can talk about how to clasp it, or a bead shop could help with your questions.
I didn't really know how to make a barrette when I started, I just knew that I wanted to do this. I figured that after 12 tries I probably would figure it out and surprise I figured it out sooner than that and have 11 more chances to experiment.
I am sure you will learn as well.
Just get started and don't be afraid of mistakes. There are no mistakes just learning curves.

creed said...

I like the really thick Pellon (or Timtex) for stiffness, but not the white color, so I cut a slightly curved strip of pellon 1/4 inch narrower and 1 inch shorter than I want the finished cuff. Cover it by basting on a layer of craft felt OR ultrasuede (depending on the color I want). Baste, don't fuse or glue, or it will be hard to get the needle through.
Now bead to your heart's content, being sure to stop the beading 1/8 inch from the edges all around. don't sweat a lot of blood about the back, but try not to make big, lumpy knots.
For the backing, when the beading is done, cut a piece of ultrasuede or thin suede leather 1/4 inch bigger all around than the beaded piece.
Being careful to avoid the 1/8 inch unbeaded margin, coat the back of the beaded piece with fabric glue (the kind that dries flexible, I use Gem Tac - DO NOT use Elmer's 'cause it dries stiff). Now lay the gluey beaded piece on the backing and put a book on the whole thing until the glue sets up. I usually lay some waxed paper under the backing, and between the bracelet and the book, so as to avoid glue accidents. Let it dry overnight.
Trim the backing off even with the top.
Now you have a neat little 1/8 inch unbeaded edge which you finish by a whipstitch through all the layers, picking up about 3 beads with every stitch. The beads cover the edges and give a nice finish.
After its all whipped, sew on a toggle clasp and its done.

heidibeads said...

Thank you thank you thank you. I am so happy that you, Creed, mentioned the Peltex. I love that stuff, so if I just use felt on top voila. I can't wait to try it.

I checked out your barretts sacredartist and I see what you did, it goes along with Creed. Excellent. I'm on it now.

you know I don't go to my favorite bead store very often asusan2 because it's Beads East and it's so tempting to buy buy buy. I love Ann Benson the owner and she is a great help. I don't know why I don't just ask her other than I don't go very often. The store has grown so much since the beginning. I'm still overwhelmed and I teach beginning beading there every other month.

Ladies thank you so much. Heidi

beadbabe49 said...

hi heidi...I did a beaded cuff and the process starts at the address below, if you want to follow it through?
Just copy the whole address into your URL window and it will take you there.

beadnik said...

One method I use is to bead the main portion of my bracelet on a stiff fabric or surface (I'm fond of a stiff stuff like material at the moment). Then when the bulk of the bracelet is done, I glue a leather rectangle to a brass bracelet blank's underside and wrap the edges of the leather up around on top of the blank. I usually glue a little rectangle of leather on the top of the blank to pretty much meet the folded up edges of the bottom piece of leather and then whip stitch the beadwork to the leather covering the blank. Often I'll add beads to the edge of the beaded piece while stitching it on to the blank, just to make the whole piece look cohesive and finished. On my blog there's a pic of last month's bracelet finished and this month's still in process. If I get time I'll try and take pics of the process of finishing the bracelet.
Hope this helps, good luck, and let us know how you do.

abeadlady said...

There is a product called EZ Felt. I found it at Michael's. It comes in a multitude of colors and is stiff like Peltex. This might work for you. You can also paint the Peltex with diluted acrylic paints so the backround is not stark white.

beadnik said...

Hi Heidi! I finished my July project and bracelet, and had time to snap a few pics of the process. Not sure if they'll be much help, but check them out