Monday, July 23, 2007

Pattern generator - where?

My theme for July was set as soon as I joined BJP. My exact idea has been missing till today.
Well I'm attending the speeches and teaching of His Holiness the Dalai Lama in Hamburg for a week and planned to bead a Himalayan/buddhist theme. My overall topic are my travels and I did travel more than once to the buddhist Himalayas.
Today I knew what to do, but would appreciate your help.
I want to bead the logo of the convent, one of the 8 auspicious signs. It is printed on my entrance pass with a beautiful holographie.

Not many weeks ago I saw on an internet site kind of a pattern generator where you have to give a photo in and out comes the pattern on graphic/squares. It was a free programm or a thing you do online and than print. I didn't bookmark it. Maybe somebody has seen what I mean.

I did not read blogs, wether the BJP nor any private. And since I started going to the Dalai Lama I did not respond to mail or comment. I do read them, be assured and might get to them later on.

If you are interested in getting to know just a little bit about this great event in Hamburg you might have a look in my blog.



Hélène H said...

Hello Tally,

This is one site :

Hope it can help you.

Kiond regards

Bejeweled said...

Found this:

It says for needlework, but it would probably translate well for beads.