Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Work in progress

Hi, I am Judi D. from Fruita, Co. I will be posting progress pictures of my journal pages on my blog. I started beading with my Grandma as a child, I was the daisy chain queen. I came across the Bead Art Forum about 6 years ago and now have more beads than I will use in a life time and their own room in my studio. I have dabbled in many art mediums, but the shiny little things always want to be played with. I tend to do sculptured type work, so this will be a stretch for me.

Thank you Robin, for following your dream and creating a reality for all of us to explore. I feel honored to be among such great bead artist, some of whom I follow weekly on their blogs.

I am an avid gardener and photographer and will be posting pictures of flowers and such along with works I have done in the past.

Have a great day


Ellen said...

Hello Judi ;9 good to see you here - Maybe we can get those shoes done after the journal project it over LOL

Mary Timme said...

Another Colorado person here Judi, but on the other side of the divide. Good to see you and I blog at and will check back with you in awhile. My email is on my profile if you have any questions,although you look very proficent to me. Welcome to the blogging and beading going on with Robin's efforts.

Judi D said...

Ellen, my shoe sits right out in the open, quite a few ask what the heck it is my friend

Judi D said...

Hi Mary, thanks for taking a peek and thank you for the welcome.


Caren said...

Hi Judi,

I'm in Snowmass Village...not too far from you but there are some days, like today, when I wish I were at your elevation! It's cold here and I have my flowers covered up.


Judi D said...

Hi Caren, I lived in Vail for many years and understand. This valley is wonderful, although the wind bout took us out. If you ever head this way let me know.

Caren said...

Judi, What's your favorite bead store in Colorado? I went to the one in downtown Grand Junction once, it was ok but I don't get to GJ that often.

I'll let you know if I head that way! I'm a painter and have been eying the vinyards and pastoral nature of Fruita...I'd like to paint there. (If the wind is not blowing!)


flyingbeader said...

HI's the garden going this Spring. Hot as Hades here in Ohio, but hopefully it will cool down. Naturally since I'm heading out for vacation! Anyway, nice to see you here too. My there are alot of gals I do know! Enjoy.


Lillian said...

Thanks for sharing your beautiful garden flowers with us Judy! I miss my mom's garden, so it brought back good memories :o) I love flowers also, we just planted some marigolds. It will be fun to share this with you.

Lillian (from Washington) :o)