Friday, June 8, 2007

Winter Finally Arrived

G'day Everyone,
Have been enjoying our 'Indian Summer' up until Thursday when winter arrived with avengeance.
We have had severe storms and the rain hasn't let up for more than an hour. Hopefully the country areas that need the rain are getting it and the drought has finally broken. So what has this to do with beading you may well ask? For me it means everything comes to a stop as I can't see properly to do it under lighting I need the daylight, but overcast and rain mean no beading for me. I am enjoying it so much and have been powering throught my first project page. Oh well I did manage to write some ideas on paper but my mood is as gloomy as the weather. Will feel a bit better soon as I have my 3 day weekend this week starting on Monday. Hopefully the weather will improve too.
Dinahj - Nospoj


Timaree said...

Living in a desert with a drought going, I would love to see some rain but I know what you mean by needing the natural light. I can do some beading under my Ott light but only if the color decisions have already been made during daylight. It really makes the difference. Hope it clears soon so you can get back in the groove before it leaves you.

beadbabe49 said...

Living on the rainy coast of Oregon, if I didn't bead when it was wet or overcast, I'd spend most of the year without bead work!
We all adapt to our environment, I guess, and this is just where I want to be, so my ott light is on a lot!