Friday, June 8, 2007

My First Excited Hello

Hi Everyone,

My name is Lillian from Washington, USA :o) I am new to this "blogging thing", so be patient please :o) I am so glad I found this BJP! I've loved beads all my life but did not have the time to pursue my passion. Recently I experienced a life-altering event with an injury I sustained and am starting over in so many ways...This project comes at a perfect time. Thank you Robin for putting this whole thing together!! I look forward to getting to know you all and sharing this journey!

To New Beginnings,

Lillian :o)


Timaree said...

Hello Lillian :o). Welcome and I hope this project really raises your spirits and helps you explore the possibilities of your new beginnings.

Lillian said...

Thanks for the welcome "freebird", sorry couldn't find your real name (remember new to blogs :o) I'm also sending you an email Lillian :o)

Timaree said...

You will find my name Timaree, in the list of names. You are the second person in 2 days wondering what my real name is, so what the heck. Guess I'll have to change my last name to freebird but, then again, my husband wouldn't appreciate that!

Tally said...

How good for you that you had this passion so you have something to fill in and use your life-chance instead of only being sad.
I wish you a good recovery and a healing as far as possible.

Lillian said...

Thank you Tally for good wishes and your smiling picture :o) Lillian