Tuesday, June 5, 2007

June 5, and I Haven't Started Yet + Request

The title says it all. The good news is that soon I'll have a week in MN, visiting my 90-year old Mom, with lots of time to bead. All I have to do is gather some favorite beads and stuff, put it all in a project box, and open it when I get there. The next step will be to pick up a bead I love, and sew it on somewhere. (That's my mantra for getting started.)

Here is my request... If you are posting work in progress or finished BJP pages on your website or blog, will you PLEASE write a short post about it here and provide a link to the appropriate page? Thanks so much!

Posted by Robin A.


Padparadscha said...

Well it's good to see you're back on to blogging and beading !

Hope the BJP administration is not too heavy. Kind regards.

Robin said...

Thanks H! It was all-consuming for about 3 weeks (according to my dear husband), but now not so much. I'm happy to be back! ;>)