Thursday, June 7, 2007


finalmente riesco ad entrare... spero.
saluto quindi tutti e ringrazio Robin per questa meravigliosa iniziativa.
e' la prima volta che partecipo ad una cosa come questa e sono veramente felice di farlo. cercherò di scrivere in inglese prossimamente anche se penso che sia più semplice scrivere in italiano e lasciar fare ai traduttori.


Hélène H said...

This should roughly translate as :

"At last I succeeded entering... I hope. I greet you all and thank Robin for this wonderful initiative. It's the first time I've been part of something like this and I'm truly happy to do it. I'll try and write in English in the future but for the moment I think it's simpler to write in Italian and have it translated. Matilda"

So... Benvenutti Matilda !

Robin said...

Oh, this is fabulous, Helene!!! You are a gem... What other languages do you know, besides German, English and Italian??? I am so happy that you are able to translate for Matilda when she needs it! Robin

Robin said...

Matilda ~ Congratulations on being able to post! I'm looking forward to hearing more from you in the future. Happy June beading! Robin

CC said...

Aloha Matilda!
And thank you Helene for translating! I only know a little Spanish, which is close in sound, but not spelling! Yikes! My Italian grandma would flip if I tried to use Spanish for Italian, so I better get out the books!
Matilda, what part of Italy are you from? My relatives came from Casacalenda, Campobasso! Hugs, CC

Dorris said...

Ciao, Matilla-I ha provato a usando i Babel Fish per trasmettervi un benvenuto in italiano. Ancora sto lavorando al mio primo blocco. Li hanno ha iniziato la vostra prima pagina ancora? Dorris in Maryland

Hello, Matilla-
I am using Babel Fish Tranlation to send you a welcome in Italian. I am still working on my first block. Have you started your first page yet?
Dorris in Maryland

JoTee said...

wonderful to have you join us here...fabulous..hugs Jody

freebird said...

I am so glad Helene could translate for you. It would have been a shame if we didn't get to know our Italian participant. Welcome Matilla.