Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Beginning Bead Embroidery

Hello everyone! I am almost new to bead embroidery, but am excited to take part in the Bead Journal Project. I'm really enjoying visiting everyone's blogs and am just awed by all your creativity and talent! I'll be posting my adventures in the BJP on my blog: Jeweled Elegance. I've just started my June journal entry and have posted a few pics. If you like medieval or renaissance art, or would just like to give a newbie feedback, I'd love for you to stop by!

This is just wonderful fun and I think it's a great way to grow and share as artists!


mAtilda said...

molto interessante l'idea di pittura ad ago con perline su un quadro classico.
forse si nota troppo l'orecchino spigoloso o forse è stata un idea di contrasto alla rotondità della perla del vero quadro?

il tuo lavoro mi ha fatto immaginare il quadro di Van Gogh "Notte stellata" ricoperto di perline. genere diverso ma molto suggestivo. ho nella mente le volute e i cerchi di Van gogh evidenziati da milioni di perline.
ciao, matilda

Artifax said...

If I'm translating this correctly: Yes, I think that Van Gogh would lend itself well to bead embellishment and yes, I was transforming the pearl shape intentionally - I liked the harder edged visual element and how it changed the overall feeling.

Lillian said...

Hi Bejeweled,

I'm leaving a comment here because I don't know how to leave one on your blog with "snapshot" :o)I'm new to all this blogging stuff... I love your painted project! And your bird nest necklaces are yummy. Thanks for sharing, Lillian in WA

Artifax said...

Hi Lillian!

Thank you for all the positive feedback! Snapshot just shows you a preview of what the link goes to when you hover over the link. You can comment by clicking on the word "comments" down at the bottom right of each post. Enjoy blogging! It's great fun and you meet really wonderful people :)