Saturday, June 2, 2007

All About Us

Just for fun, try Googling
Bead Journal Project.
We are ON THE MAP already!
How neat is that?

As promised, here are our stats:

We are a total of 240 members (239 women and 1 man).

We represent 37 states. WA has the most members (27), followed by CA (18) and TX (15).

We represent 13 countries (USA, Canada, Australia, the UK, France, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Scotland, Sweden, Sri Lanka, and Italy).

Thirty-nine members are from countries other than the USA. That’s 16% of us.

While some of us are just beginning our beaded pathway, others of us have traveled with beads for many decades. Our collective beading experience is awesome!

Posted by Robin A.


Aurora said...

Thanks Robin for these stats! I just think it so great that the net allows us creative people to work on a project together (or at the same time), and keep in touch---from all over the globe!
I am pleased you were willing to put in the time it takes to organize all this...our own grass roots mini-community of beaders...all bead journaling June page is now started, and already I am changing the format of my journal---and I expect it to evolve even more as the year goes by.

KM said...
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KM said...

Wow! cool!!! But, It might be 240 members. I don't see my name in the Participating Members. I'm Karen H. in NY.
Guess I got lost amidst all the Karen beaders!!

Robin said...

Karen ~ I'll get you on the side bar list in a moment. We're still at 239, as you're definitely on my list.

Intersting fact ~ We have 8 Karens in the BJP, 7 Lindas and 6 Nancys... only 2 Robins ;>)

KM said...

Thanks Robin! I'm all set then. yes, Lotsa K/Caren beaders. 8 with a "K" and 2 with a "C"!

Anonymous said...

hallo Robin, grazie per il tuo interessamento.
eccomi pronta a questa grande avventura.

Marylo said...

I'm amazed to see these statistics...

and I must apologize to be late on my pages. I have done september page and put if on flicker group.

I just begin june's page before october. That way, I'm sure I will bead all pages...

LOL (Lots of love)
Marylo, la Rêveuse