Friday, May 30, 2008

Final Report

Tomorrow is May 31 (where I live anyway!). I checked back through Robin's administrative posts and discovered that tomorrow is the date by which we were supposed to have had all of our bead journal 'pages' completed.


Not happenin'. At least not in the Magpie's Nest. :- (

I have three pages to finish before my set of 12 will be complete. Two are pieced and awaiting embellishment. One is nearly pieced and then will need to be embellished. {sigh} And it all started out so well too!

I have every intention of completing the final three pieces. My goal is the end of June (yes, this year!). I also intend to submit my 12 beaded journal quilts to the BJP website. I think it will be educational for me to see them all in one place, and a place that is not in my own home.

This has been a good experience. I've grown as an artist and a blogger and I've learned a lot about myself. I will not be participating in the next BJP however. I want to take some of what I've learned and see where else it can take me. That shows you just how valuable this experience has been: I'm ready to move on to other endeavors... things I wasn't ready or able to undertake a year ago. So kudos to you, Robin, for instigating this whole project in the first place! And thank you to everyone who participated even a little bit. I was inspired and impressed by your work more often than you know :- )

From the Magpie's Nest


beadbabe49 said...

I think tomorrow was the target date, but I don't think anyone thought we'd all finish right on time!
I'm thinking that's one of the major reasons the next round isn't starting until give everyone time to finish before going at another 12!
I also think you can send your finished pieces to the bjp website when you have 8 done and you're past that already, so go ahead and post them! I think you'll be so pleased at how they all look on one page together, I sure was!

Robin said...

Beadbabe is right on... May 31 was a target date and that many of us are still behinders (myself included) is exactly the reason we're not starting again until September. I support your intent to finish and to get all of your pieces on the BJP website... that will be a great accomplishment! Also, I'm glad that you've had growth as an artist and blogger and learned about yourself through this project. I'll visit your blog in the future to see where it takes you. Kudos back atcha! Robin A.