Saturday, May 3, 2008

Heart to Hands Bead Embroidery


It's here! My new book has arrived and is looking fabulous! I'm so excited and grinning ear to ear about it. Four years of beads, sweat and fears are behind me now - the joy of sharing my passions and the job of paying my printing bills are ahead of me... What an amazing process and commitment it is to write and publish a book like this.

You - awesome group of open and creative souls - helped me more than I can say. I felt and tapped into the flow of creative energy surrounding us this past year. Without you, I doubt it would be finished at this time. Also, at the end, the going gets really tough, the technical difficulties mount and the worry about worthiness gets oppressive. Again, you rescued me. Especially your pre-orders helped me find the nerve to get it to the printer (perfect or not). So, please take it in... your creativity and generosity are there in my book. Thank you!

To those of you who pre-ordered, your books are in the mail! They went out yesterday and should be in your mail boxes by Tuesday. Whooooo-hoo!

Robin A.
link to book info


girlgonethreadwild said...

Congratulations Robin, good feeling to have it behind you & ahead of us. Can't wait to check it out! xo, Monica :)

KrispiS said...

Hooray for you! It has been an incredible thing to watch you create the samples for that book! I am sure it will be worthy of you! It will be a joy to behold!

Brenda said...


I can feel your excitement all the way over here.

a2susan said...

Congratulations!!! I absolutely cannot wait to receive my book! I am so happy for you.


beadbabe49 said...

Wonderful news, congratulations on getting to the end of a very long road!

Timaree said...

Oh goodie! I can't wait to see it. I hope you sell lots of them in short order!

heidibeads said...

Congratulations Robin! Tuesday can't come quick enough. I'm sure the book will give us all a lot to bead about. Wahoo!

Ellen said...

Congratulations Robin!!

Genevieve said...

Woohoo! Doing the happy dance and looking forward to getting my copy! --Geneviève

Robin said...

I am humbled and greatful for your support... Thanks!!! Love, Robin

Nancy K. said...

I entered a long comment and didn't do it right. I was so excited I did not pay enough attention. I got my book today. It is just lovely Robin, congratulations. I see several things I want to try out on my remaining pages, the bezel, the water and the ruffles. I like how you put the sample and the technique and detail picture together.

The advantage of working at home is I get to see my mail sooner rather than later. The disadvantage of course is I take a break when I had not planned on it!

It was a nice surprise as I was expecting the book tomorrow. Thank you Robin.