Monday, May 12, 2008

One more to go

I have just finished my May page. As I made this the song,' Windmills of Your Mind' kept going through my head. Especially the line, ' Like the circles that you find, In the windmills of your mind'
Then I read Robin's post about using symbols in our work and did the test. Yes, Spirals were No1 for me, go figure!
You can see the full page on Flickr.
August is due to be finished either this afternoon or early tomorrow. I have also made an album of my pages, I found a scrapbooking album just the right size to hold my pages and bought two of them so have one ready for next year!
Nospoj - Dinah


a2susan said...

Do we get to see a full version of your page? I've always liked the song Windmills of Your Mind, and I'll probably be humming it all day now!

Nospoj said...

The full version is on Flickr, Susan, and will be on my BJP Members page on the BJP Website as soon as I email it to PinkHallowMoon
Must watch that movie - Thomas Crown Affair, that was the movie that had Windmills as it's theme song.