Friday, May 30, 2008

Still Beading but feeling beadwildered

I have all the months in progress and most completed except actual finishing off. I have a million valid excuses but life just keeps happening as we're making other plans. The computer baffles me, it's taken me all year just to attempt blogging but I wanted everyone to know how much I have enjoyed reading and looking at every one's work. They are all so wonderfully different and inspiring. I feel bad about not sharing. I don't have a clue on how to post pictures of my projects. Help!! I've got a friend that said she could probably help but she's out of state helping with her daughter's wedding. Hopeful I can still post them on BJP site. I plan on signing up for 2008 but will try something smaller, I think. Thanks!! to all for Sharing your beautiful work. It's been a real blessing !! Frances


a2susan said...

Hi, Frances. One thing you can do is contact Pink Moon Hallow (on the left column of the blog) for directions on how to post on the website. If you've already taken photos she can tell you the correct resolution and pixels and how to send them to her (I think there's an entry with that info but I'm not sure where).

I have only figured it out by trial and error, but I know there are experts on the blog who can help you.


Robin said...

Thanks so much for checking in with us, Frances!!! Where are you? What city and state? Maybe there's someone nearby who can help you. We certainly would love to see your work! Yes, finishing is more or less an issue for many of us. Don't feel pressured to rush the final steps. You have time... Three whole months until we start again. Hugs, Robin A.