Monday, May 19, 2008

DeviantART Daily Deviation!!!

The first quarter of my 2007 BJP was given a Daily Deviation at DeviantART! There are many things being posted to DeviantART every day (about 1 per second or so). Each day, about 20 Daily Deviations are chosen to be showcased. They are from many different categories - photography, traditional art, etc., and not many are from the Artisan Craft category. My quarter panel "Air" was chosen as one of today's Daily Deviations! You can see the post here:

Next BJP I am going to do a series using the poetry I have been writing and it's all in my DeviantART gallery as well:

The Beading Butterfly aka beadg1rl


vivage said...

Kassie! Congrats on your DD! I got one back in '06, you can see it here:

I was going to use DA originally for all of BJP pages but decided against it because it's so hard to upload there. I loved looking at your DA pages!

Beading Butterfly said...

Cool vivage! I love your turtle! Thanks for the feedback. :)

Robin said...
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Robin said...

OMG, Kassie... 8 x 8 inches of solid bead embroidery... that's so ambitious! I love your leaf in air... you deserve the recognition from DA.

By the way, I'd never heard of DA before... interesting concept.

Hope you'll finish the whole series, as it's a really wonderful idea!

Robin A.

Beading Butterfly said...

Thanks Robin! :) I cheated by making each 8x8 square a 3 month quarter for the project. This was before I really had any idea of how to "journal" w/ my embroidery. I'm about half done with "Fire" now.