Saturday, May 3, 2008


Hi beaders!
Ah... finished a whole year and didn't give up in the middle! Incredible that this year is over... how can that be? Where does the time go??? My page for May is here, and my blog for the page is longer than usual... don't feel pressed to read it..... must be the coffee this morning, my fingers were flying faster than usual.
Thanks everyone, for a totally incredible year as I read everyone's blogs and perused your jaw-dropping creations... Sometimes it was the best part of my day!
And thanks again to Robin for starting it.
Hope to see everyone at the 2008 BJP!

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flyingbeader said...

I adore mixed media! That is a wonderful page & YES! you've seen the meaning of art for art's sake. I must say it took me some time to understand what we were about, but now I'm all charged up about it and want to keep going into the next year.