Friday, May 16, 2008

Beading is on the RUSH hour!

This morning I spend about 20 minutes writing a post, which for some reason did not get saved & did not get here I am again, however my same thoughts at the moment are not quite as lovely as this morning, so here I go.

I am pushing the "beading Rush hour" to finish all that remains in my journal, I decided this morning that I can't handle not finishing, can't always be motivated & can't always accomplish some of my projects, sooooo I am "doing it my way" which only means that I am bribing, well I just started an Etsy store for recycling with a friend & said Jody you can do the same thing with your beaded that is what I am doing.

So hang on to my hat, it may be a bumpy road but my "Rush hour to beading" will get accomplished or else I am a very old recycled beader!!
Huggies Jody

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