Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I Broke out the Champange at 9:20am Sydney Time

I completed my August piece at 9:20am Sydney time this morning and Yes I really did break out the champange, I had a little bottle put adise for this ocassion. It went down really well!
August is the page I struggled with, I have two unfinished pages for August,
which will now go into the BJP 2008.
I love this pendant and I finally decided that as I don’t wear necklaces and only make them on request, I’d use it as a center piece in my August page.
The song ‘I never Promised you a Rose Garden ‘went through my mind and thought
it was apt as the August deadline has long past, it’s now May 2008!
And this is definatey NOT a Rose Garden.
So I'm off work today and am going to continue my celebrations. This has been a great year for me having made a lot of friends here and doing something I really love.
Raising a glass to you all and a special toast to Robin!
Nospoj - Dinah
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