Saturday, May 24, 2008


Yes, that's me.
I'm the straggler.
I do however have some photo's to play with and upload.

My problem -- when I started -- was that I had an obsession with covering the entire piece of material.
And that stymied me.
And stopped me.
I "completed", (for want of a better word), two pieces.
And then hit the brick wall.
I just could not force myself to continue where I had started because I truly did dislike the first two I attempted.
I then settled on one large piece with concentration on a specific area each month.
That made it so much easier for me.
With the exception of 3 small areas that remain, I believe that I am finished -- well, I do have to add the backing to it.

I'll get the photo's happening and add them to the library.

Next time? well, I have an idea in mind already. And since I have the idea, and the concept, perhaps I can complete the seperate pieces for each one.

The inspiration that I have received from this group is beyond comprehension.
Each day I see something that someone else has done --and it takes my breath away.
You are all so phenomenal.


Robin said...

And you, too, are phenomenal.. to have hit the brick wall, but not give up... that's phenomenal. And I love the idea you found that ultimately worked for you. HOpe to see pictures soon! Congrats on being close to finishing... Robin A.

Katie B said...

thank you Robin.
And BTW -- thank you for the kind comment (on my blog) about the photo.
I took that last year on our trip to California.
Should I ever win the lottery, we are moving to California to live on the coast.
I have several houses picked out and will evict the current owners!