Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Mixed Feelings

I've posted the last of my pics to Flickr - sorry for putting so many on at once! It covers all of 2008 and the final arrangement. I was going to put a poem in the middle, but instead it will be for the next BJP pages.

Many blessings on Robin for starting this. It has helped me define myself as a bead artist, given me deadlines to meet, and a sense of belonging to something much, much bigger than myself sitting in my corner pricking my fingers! I am sad to see this BJP end, but looking forward to the next.

Joan Cromley

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Robin said...

Thanks for posting your pictures, Joan... no appologies about posting so many at once... it's great to see them. As I commented on Flickr, they're fabulous! I hope you'll send them to Pink Moon Hallow so she can add them to our BJP website too.